The Importance of Having a Confidential Reporting System in Place

“It took a lot of courage for me to come forward and to work with a therapist to get where I am today. I’m not sure I would have ever come forward without the guarantee that my name wouldn’t be made public. It is very painful to look back at my life and see how this has manifested in so many negative ways. If my name were to be public I would have to relive the abuse each and every time I was asked about it.”

— Anonymous letter from a survivor

When Naomi was promoted to work in the indoor store of the lumberyard, she was proud. She was good at her job and could run the forklift in the outdoor store as well as anyone, but the indoor store team had benefits she had not previously received. She saw long-time sales people with company cars, company cell phones, and commissions. She worked her way from the accounts receivable job to run the indoor sales. But, as time went on, she did not receive the same benefits as the men who were indoor sales people.

Even worse, when we first met she confessed to me with a great deal of embarrassment that her manager was sexually harassing her. He had pulled up a co-worker’s skirt, snapped bra