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Career Defense 101:

How to Stop Sexual Harassment Without Quitting your Job

Too often, when we are raised as women, we are taught that giving up our careers is the answer in a harassment situation. While any person's choice regarding their career is reasonable, this is not a fair choice. 

In this book learn:

  • Boundary setting techniques that work to stop sexual harassment;

  • How to effectively report problems at work so that people listen; and

  • Techniques for recovering from sexual harassment and keeping the career you love. 

In this book, Meredith shares her story of experiencing sexual harassment as a lawyer, turning the situation around to create safety, and moving forward with her career. 


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"I’ve been practicing law for 21 years and have ignored harassment issues or accepted them as part of the job for most of my career. I listened to your inspirational and empowering audio book Career Defense 101 (twice). I needed immediate guidance and your book delivered."


VERDICT: Important holistic legal advice that advocates for women facing sexual harassment.


"There was a time when I was frightened, and googling for a course of action, and discouraged by the lack of recourse, and downgrading my experiences since it could've all been so much worse, and I wish I could've had a simple explanation or a guide through those days. She gives an orderly, useful (!) approach ."


To Healthy Workplace Culture

Many managers, HR representatives, and small business owners worry about the highly charged political environment we live in. We want to support people who have experienced discrimination, and we don't want our work to be impacted by sexual harassment claims.

In this book you learn:

  • How to address discrimination and harassment ahead of time alienating or traumatizing your employees;

  • The key mistakes most employers make that lead to harassment and discrimination lawsuits; and

  • What most lawyers won't tell you about discrimination investigations.

In this book Meredith shares what she's learned representing employees in lawsuits against their employers, so that you don't have to make the same mistakes other employers have made that cost their businesses productivity and money. 

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I am empowered and I now feel equipped to help educate all those around me to empower themselves to set appropriate boundaries and build a healthier workplace culture together.'Ignoring discrimination and harassment does not make it go away any more than ignoring germs makes them go away. We have not been taught how to deal with cultural toxicity in the workplace.' We all need to learn and implement the four pillars of cultural wellness in our workplace.


As a self-taught leader and business owner, it's often hard to find the right resources that speak to MY situations. As my business grows, learning to be an effective and genuine leader to my employees is much harder than the actual work I do! Meredith Holley's book, The Inclusive Leader's Guide to a Healthy Workplace Culture did two things for me immediately: 1) It gave me a sense of relief because she speaks to exactly what I need-clear, concise and relatable situations that I can easily layer over my own experiences. 2) It gave me tools to begin looking at my business with the goal of creating a stronger, healthier and more welcoming environment for my employees.


As an experienced civil rights investigator and trained mediator, I find Meredith Holley’s latest book to be the guidance everyone needs as they navigate the personal and professional dynamics that present in each unique work environment. Holley does an amazing job of creating space within the pages for employers to walk through often overlooked foundational knowledge of gender, race, and diversity competency. 

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