Dealing with Dangerous People

Many of our clients have come to us lately with concerns around dealing with a person they believe might be dangerous. They say, "Am I crazy? Other people don't think this person is dangerous, so I might be wrong." The main thing we want people to know is that acknowledging you think someone might be dangerous is the first step to creating safety. Then, there are solutions to this problem! In this video (originally a Facebook Live), we talk about: How to know if someone is dangerous The problem with ignoring your concerns The number one key to dealing with a dangerous person The power and choices you have Check it out, and please feel free to get in touch if you have any additional questions

Alone or Lonely During COVID-19?

There is a lot of conversation happening around being at home with your partner and/or kids during shelter-in-place. But, not nearly as much around what happens if you live alone. For many of us in that position, we haven't really been around other people for about a month now. So, my friend Rebecca and I sat down to discuss how to stay connected and care for yourself during this crazy time. In this video, we talk about our experiences, helpful tools and tricks that actually work, why nothing's wrong with you, and more. Check it out and share with a friend who could use the encouragement! Audio and transcript can be found here. *Originally a Facebook Live.

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