Local Chiropractor Accused of Sexual Assault

Local chiropractor, Matthew Freedman, owner of Eugene Chiropractic, is accused of at least 19 instances of sexual assault, groping, and exposing himself to two patients. The patients filed complaints in Lane County Circuit Court Friday, May 29, 2020. The complaints are available here and here. These complaints allege that Dr. Freedman used his position as a chiropractor to "groom" or normalize sexual contact with both women, establishing himself as a trusted person and then breaking that trust by sexually assaulting and harassing them. He established business relationships investing in development properties with both women, one of whom is a real estate agent and the other a general contract

Are You Wrong About Racism?

I have talked to many, many white people in the past week about racism. Many of us are afraid to say something wrong, afraid to do something wrong . . . and we're afraid of staying silent as well. It seems like nothing we do is the right thing. I get it. On Tuesday, I was overcome with fear about whether I should #blackouttuesday on social media. The black leaders I was seeing said, speak out, end the silence. My white friends said, we need this gesture of community, even if it's just a gesture. I decided not to mute myself because I deeply believe that women are taught that if we get smaller and quieter, it will help someone, and that this is a poisonous lie. I believe my words and any loud

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