Do you ever feel uncomfortable calling something sexism?

I had the privilege of talking with Kara Loewentheil, JD, MCC, and founder of UnF*ck Your Brain: The feminist blueprint for creating confidence. In this video, we talk all about sexism, sexual harassment, and what we can do to effectively talk about gender discrimination. Does this topic make you uncomfortable? Kara and I talk all about why it is not uncomfortable to us to talk about, and how you don't have to feel uncomfortable either. Watch, share, enjoy!! Follow Kara on the UnF*ck Your Brain podcast here: If you know someone who could use a free copy of my book, send them to

This one thing can clean up conflict with a toxic person at work

Think about that one person who just always pushes your buttons at work. You know who I’m talking about? Many people love the work they do and the people they work with, and good for them. But, usually there’s that one person who just drives you crazy. A lot of times it starts to feel like there’s just nothing you can do about it because the person is just toxic, the environment is just unhealthy, and the only option is to leave. That is not the only option. I want to tell you about the one small thing that could make a huge shift in resolving the conflict. You might have tried everything before and found no solutions, but I have seen this work with myself and my clients over and over. Molly

How to LEAD in a conflict situation

Last week, I talked to you about the magic PIL for handling conflict with toxic people. PIL stands for Pause, Inquire, LEAD. This week, I want to talk to you about how to LEAD, even when it feels like the other person has more power. To recap, when we’re experiencing conflict with a toxic person, we often feel like this: Even when we are blaming ourselves for their behavior, it is still like thunderbolts pointed at us that we have to defend ourselves from. When we follow the first steps of pausing and inquiring, we can separate what we can control from what we can’t control. We can separate what is our responsibility from what is not our responsibility. This week, we talk about how to take t

This is the magic PIL for handling conflict with toxic people

We’re always looking for the magic pill to solve all of our problems, right? Well, I decided to be dorky and offer you an acronym that represents what I believe are the magic steps we can take to really eliminate conflict from our lives – or, even better, use the conflict in our favor. On the one hand, I think that if we are trying to make the world conflict free before we can feel safe in it, we’re up for a very, very difficult situation. On the other hand, we’re never taught how to deal with conflict, and so it makes sense that many of us feel frozen or terrified when it comes up. Take Megan, for example. Megan was an assistant, and in general she liked her boss. He had a temper, but usual

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