This one thing can clean up conflict with a toxic person at work

Think about that one person who just always pushes your buttons at work. You know who I’m talking about? Many people love the work they do and the people they work with, and good for them. But, usually there’s that one person who just drives you crazy. A lot of times it starts to feel like there’s just nothing you can do about it because the person is just toxic, the environment is just unhealthy, and the only option is to leave.

That is not the only option. I want to tell you about the one small thing that could make a huge shift in resolving the conflict. You might have tried everything before and found no solutions, but I have seen this work with myself and my clients over and over.

Molly worked in a large office at a marketing firm. Her boss was a loud, volatile man who had a very particular idea about the work he wanted done. The problem was, he wouldn’t always communicate what he wanted very clearly. Molly would do hours of work, only to watch her boss have a tantrum about how she got something wrong – almost always because he had miscommunicated. Even worse, sometimes he would talk behind her back to their assistant and the assistant would come tell Molly what he was saying.