Is This Trauma at Work? . . .

I want to tell you a little about Rebecca G. You will love her. But first . . . (this is relevant, stay with me!) Have you ever had someone tell you that if you've experienced trauma in your life, you may never recover? A lot of us are afraid to even call a life experience "trauma" because we've heard you can never recover from trauma. We don't want to identify as "victims" because we know we're tough and smart, so we avoid even using the word "trauma." If you get a little bristly at hearing the word "trauma," I hear you! What is "trauma," anyway? In our work, we often have clients who leave a work environment and then are haunted by the idea that they may never recover from it. They think t

5 Tips On Being More Productive

Something we are hearing a lot right now is that we are just so overwhelmed. It seems impossible to combine work with kiddos, with hobbies that serve us, with cooking dinner, with getting sleep sometimes, with picking whatever show we're going to watch while folding the laundry. . . if we can even get to the laundry. And then, we remember we didn't call someone back! I mean who is even getting to the laundry when we have to call everyone back?! Here are some of the tips I've used for making sure you're productive in any circumstance. One of the main tactics is making sure you recognize what you are already getting done. Sometimes the one thing we are doing is breathing in and breathing out.

Elder Care Home Retaliated Against Nurse. Here's What She Did...

Anita Anderson was a licensed practical nurse caring for elderly and vulnerable patients at Valley West Health Care Center in 2019. She was forced out of her position when she needed to take medical leave to take care of her son, who has a disability, and her own injuries from intimate partner violence she experienced. On May 4, 2020, our office filed her claims in the U.S. District Court of the State of Oregon. A copy of the complaint is here. Nurses often experience pressure to work when they are unwell or to sacrifice their health and safety for their employer. In many situations, like in Ms. Anderson’s case, this can create a dangerous situation for patients. For example, after Valley We

Reporting COVID Violations

Do you want to create safety for yourself and your fellow employees? Michael Fuller, the Underdog Lawyer and I sat down to discuss how to do this, particularly in light of working or returning to work during COVID. Find out why our clients report unsafe work environments during the COVID pandemic and exactly how to protect your job by reporting. As always, if you have any questions or know someone who could use some support, please feel free to reach out: // 458-221-2671.

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