This is why your boss should hate you.

It makes sense, right? Our brains are basically computers pre-programmed with 1 objective: survival. We survive by getting adults to like us when we’re little – by getting certain grades in school, approval from our parents, attention from our coaches. Then, as adults, we survive by trying to get our bosses to like us . . . or at least not hate us. If the grownups like us, we think, we will survive. Take Jill for example. Jill had always done well in school and knew her passion was journalism. When an older, successful man noticed her at an event and offered her a job, she thought things were finally falling into place for her. She had been discovered. After she started work, however, her bo

Be A Troublemaker

Last week, I went to a lunch and saw someone who thinks I called him out as being sexist. We were in line for food at the same time, and I said hello. He looked down and around, and anywhere but at me. When I introduced a topic of conversation, letting him know I had mailed something to his office, he said, “WHAT?!” and walked away. He looked very uncomfortable. I felt a heavy weight in my stomach: I’m a troublemaker. He hates me because I’m a troublemaker, I thought. It’s not even fair because I didn’t even mean to call him out as sexist . . . the first time. Then, I was talking with a colleague today. She mentioned a situation of hers in which a man did something inappropriate and she had

Farmworkers figured out the key to ending sexual violence in the fields and it’s simple.

In March, members of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers held a fasting protest against Wendy’s to force Wendy’s to join the Fair Food Program that has drastically reduced sexual assault in the fields. Women (and some men) farmworkers traveled to New York to fast for a week. As far as I can tell, the boycott is still happening. I hope you will join me in supporting the workers by avoiding Wendy’s. Frosties are good, but human rights are better. Riku Sen reports on the protest for The Nation here. She reports that 75% of farmworkers report sexual assault in the fields. The CIW Fair Food program has reduced this to virtually zero in almost all tomato fields in Florida. So, what is the secret to

Natural confidence is the new natural skinny

Have you heard about that girl? You know who I’m talking about – the mystery woman constantly dissected by science to bring you the transformational diet of your dreams – the naturally skinny girl. We’ve all heard about her since she was discovered by Bethenny Frankel in the early 2000s. She’s constantly there to remind us of our deficiencies when it comes to beauty, but also give us hope that we could discover our own inner skinny girl. She’s French and also hangs at the beach and does yoga and pilates. She has an effortless way about her and I understand she eats leeks, heavy cream, and hummus. And she either does or does NOT eat bread, bread, bread. If you’re like me, you are probably a l

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