Keep Your Career. Lose the Harassment.

At Eris Conflict Resolution, we help hardworking, inspired career professionals get back on track after experiencing harassment or discrimination. 

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Workplace Essentials *COMING SOON*

Our workplace essentials trainings are self-directed introductions to the work we do to resolve conflict at work, stop sexual harassment, and help amazing professionals keep their careers. This includes:

  • Sexual Harassment and Discrimination training, and 

  • Medical, Disability, and other time off training. 

Make sure your workplace is complaint, and email us if your workplace may be eligible to pilot test these trainings! (Send your email to and put "Workplace Essentials" in the subject line.)

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Career IMPACT™ Coaching

Do you know someone who is experiencing a toxic work environment, sexual harassment, or discrimination? 

Career IMPACT™ Coaching may be the right fit for that person. These individualized coaching experiences allow career professionals to:

  • Stop sexual harassment, discrimination, and toxic work environments;

  • Set effective and creative consequences for abusive, predatory, or disrespectful behavior at work; and

  • Get clear on exactly what you are meant to do in your career and how you want to do it. 

Schedule a consultation to see if this is the right fit for you today!

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Workplace Dispute Resolution

Our unique Career IMPACT™ mediation resolves disputes in the workplace whether all parties want to participate or only one party does. 

If you are experiencing a conflict at work or you are a manager who is aware of a conflict, sign up for a confidential consultation to see if your situation is a good fit for our process.


Schedule a confidential consultation to find out more. 

Anti-Bias Statement

We are an anti-harassment anti-discrimination organization. This means we don’t pretend we always will say the right thing or do the right thing (or that our clients will either), but we are committed to looking for and correcting our own disrespect or bias. We are committed to kindness, respect, and focusing on service to our clients. Our mission is to end oppression.