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Keep Your Career.

Stop Sexual Harassment.

IMPACT Coaching™ 1:1 Work

Our signature method of Stopping Sexual Harassment starts with IMPACT Coaching™. If you know someone who loves their career, IMPACT Coaching™ helps them:

  • Decide whether to stay where they are or leave from an empowered place;

  • Create a safe environment whether they stay or leave; and

  • Advance in their career whether they move on or stay. 

Either way, we work together to help them keep their career and stop the impacts of harassment and discrimination. 

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IMPACT Mediation™

Have you received a complaint about harassment or discrimination? Are you thinking about conducting a Workplace Investigation? 

Consider IMPACT Mediation™ instead. Often employees feel scrutinized and shamed by investigations, but IMPACT Mediation™ uncovers exactly what people need get back to work in a healthy and safe way. 

  • Stop harassment and discrimination;

  • Retain good employees; and

  • Empower the workplace to enforce informed boundaries and get back to work. 

Stop harassment; focus on work you love. 

Genius IMPACT™

Our Genius program deep dives into what makes you YOU. We use personality tests like Kolbe, Gallup Strengths Finder, MBTI, astrology, and human design to look at what makes you unique in the work you do. Through IMPACT Coaching™, our clients work past limitations to increase their satisfaction (and income) in their work. 

  • Understand what you uniquely bring to your career;

  • Break past limitations and discrimination you may have faced; and

  • Increase your satisfaction (and income!) in your career.

Bring your unique gifts to your career. 

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Crime Scene Investigation

Workplace Investigation

Are you looking for an investigator for a workplace discrimination issue? 

We believe investigations should only be used in limited situations where you believe the facts are unclear as to whether you need to discipline or set expectations in the workplace. 

If you need a professional to gather facts, we recommend hiring a licensed investigator, not a lawyer. 

Because most investigations result in disruption and stress in the workplace, we recommend IMPACT Mediation™ as a much better options under most circumstances. 

Wrongful Termination

Have you been fired or forced to quit a job because of discrimination or harassment? 

We take very few wrongful termination cases. 

The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries is also available for wrongful termination complaints.  

Signing a Contract

Anti-Bias Statement

We are an anti-harassment anti-discrimination organization. This means we don’t pretend we always will say the right thing or do the right thing (or that our clients will either), but we are committed to looking for and correcting our own disrespect or bias. We are committed to kindness, respect, and focusing on service to our clients. Our mission is to end oppression.

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