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Workplace Mediation

  • Resolve workplace conflict. 

  • Evaluate systems that may contribute to confusion around boundaries and expectations.

  • Assess social power dynamics that may contribute to workplace conflict.

  • Engage in post-conflict growth and productive accountability. 

When I first began mediation, I felt hurt and worried that I might lose a leader I respected from the organization. Meredith was terrific in her ability to make me -- and I assume the other person involved -- feel safe and supported while bringing us toward a greater understanding of each other.

The outcome was beyond imaginable. I left the mediation session excited to move forward in partnership with my valued staff member and with a far deeper and more nuanced understanding of how to support BIPOC staff. I feel like I have a new lease on life and many more tools in my management toolbox. I can not sing Meredith's praises loudly enough. She is worth her weight in gold. It was money well spent!

- Kim Callinan, President & CEO of Compassion & Choices.

Empowered Communication™


Empowered Communication™ services help individuals and teams build safer, more inclusive, more equitable work environments using these three pillars:

  • Boundaries. Establish nuanced, individualized, and effective strategies for building allies and enforcing boundaries to create a safe work environment.

  • Reprogramming Hegemony. Develop awareness of social and cultural power dynamics to correct oppressive power dynamics and build inclusive and equitable workplace culture.

  • Accountability. Create safe containers to take responsibility for what is in our control, and release what is outside of our control, in order to cultivate healthy accountability and accomplish shared goals.


Participants engage with this content at a foundational, applied, leadership, or coaching level. 

This can be done individually or as a group. Empowered Communication services include coaching, consulting, and may include legal advice (subject to some restrictions, including that legal advice may not be provided in most group settings). Email for more information. 

Therapy Session

I have been training and working in the STEM field for over 20 years, in both academia and industry. I came to Meredith at a point when I felt I was being unfairly penalized and discriminated against in my job because of my gender.

I think it is fair to say that most women accumulate years of both personal and professional experiences of sexual harassment and misogyny. It can feel hopeless and powerless.

The IMPACT process and coaching are a part of the healing process from experiencing job discrimination. Meredith is helping me re-shape how I view the challenges I face being a woman in a male-dominated career.

As I am now raising my own daughter, I want to help shape her beliefs about herself. I want her generation of women to have a different way of walking through the misogyny in our culture. It’s empowering to change the way I interact with misogynistic behavior. Not only does it set me (and other women) up for future success, but it is something I can look back on and say I did my part and have no regrets.

- A.D.

Before hiring Meredith, I was sad and literally despondent. I felt like no one was in my corner and that doom was around the corner.


I'd say this program was one of the most important things I've ever done in my life. I'm so grateful that I was able to take part in this program. If you're facing a difficult situation and you feel like there is no way up, you can't afford not to take the course. It's an investment in yourself.


I know this program isn't meant to replace any existing therapies, but for me it was more helpful than any therapist, friend, partner, family member etc. EVER for improving my outlook on life.


- Chemist

Crime Scene Investigation

Workplace Investigation

Sometimes, investigations may be necessary in a workplace conflict situation. 

Oregon law requires investigations to be conducted by licensed investigators. Our office works with licensed investigators to include legally sufficient investigations where necessary to resolve work environment problems. 

Our office only handles workplace investigations if they are part of larger work environment solutions. Where reports and complaints are present, systemic solutions can restore the workplace to a thriving place with or without investigation. 

Email or call 458-221-2671 with any questions about workplace investigations. 

Genius Team Building

Our Genius team building process deep dives into what makes you and your team unique, and how those uniquenesses work together. We use personality tests like Kolbe, Gallup Strengths Finder, MBTI, astrology, and human design to look at what makes you unique in the work you do.  

  • Understand what you uniquely bring to your team and how it interacts with other team members;

  • Create a safe container to talk about differences and what they offer to a team; and

  • Understand and communicate better with your team.


Email or call 458-221-2671 with any questions about Genius Team Building. 

People launching floating lanterns

Anti-Bias Statement

We are an anti-harassment anti-discrimination organization. This means we don’t pretend we always will say the right thing or do the right thing (or that our clients will either), but we are committed to looking for and correcting our own disrespect or bias. We are committed to kindness, respect, and focusing on service to our clients. Our mission is to end oppression.

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