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Stressed Woman

Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response

  • Effectively report and stop sexual harassment and discrimination;

  • Contribute to workplace health by being a good bystander; and

  • Respond effectively to reports of sexual harassment and discrimination.

  • Approximately 2 hours with an additional 3 hours of examples from real clients of sexual harassment experiences. 

  • This is a self-directed training. For safety of people who have experienced targeting, we recommend this training be done individually and not in a group.

I really enjoyed the way Meredith set up the course and the part on bystander intervention was particularly helpful, as was the optional examples of those who had experienced sexual harassment and were sharing their experiences.

On reflection, I don't think I've ever had the opportunity to hear these stories directly (except when in an investigation) and it was such an impactful and different experience to hear them in the context of this course.

- Valerie

Meredith's story at the start is super powerful! I hope people see that!


This training is clear.  What I watched made sense and like always, Meredith makes it all feel like "Oh, I'm normal."  "I'm okay, and THAT'S not okay."


-Business Owner  

Empowered Reporting

  • Learn how to report workplace problems so that people are most likely to listen;

  • Talk about workplace problems from an empowered place, rather than a hopeless place; and

  • Consider shifts in your internal narrative to look at whether anything is holding you back from having the work environment you want.

  • Approximately 45 minutes.

Public Demonstration

Taking Time Off From Work

  • Navigate taking time off and FMLA paperwork;

  • Practical examples of navigating invisible disabilities and serious health conditions; and

  • Consider the importance of elective time off.

  • Approximately 30 minutes of instruction with around 2 hours of examples.

Empowered Communication™ Foundations 

Learn the foundations of the three pillars of Empowered Communication™: 

  • Enforce boundaries to create a safe and rewarding environment for you and others like you;

  • Reprogram hegemony to shift any spaces in your thinking that are not serving you or that are reproducing systems of oppression;

  • Take inventory of your actions and the results they've gotten through accountability to make sure your actions are contributing to the outcomes you want; and

  • Create a thriving environment in your workplace.

This training is available self-directed, for groups, or with individualized support. 


Speaking and Workshops

If you ​are interested in trainings or workshops specific to your organization around issues of conflict resolution or workplace cultural health, email us at Topics we workshop and train around have included:

  • Challenging communications and conflict resolution;

  • Empowered Communication™ at Work;

  • Trauma-Informed Lawyering; and

  • Genius team building. 

If you have ideas for a conflict resolution or cultural health topic that your organization needs, don't hesitate to reach out! 

Anti-Bias Statement

We are an anti-harassment anti-discrimination organization. This means we don’t pretend we always will say the right thing or do the right thing (or that our clients will either), but we are committed to looking for and correcting our own disrespect or bias. We are committed to kindness, respect, and focusing on service to our clients. Our mission is to end oppression.

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