Natural confidence is the new natural skinny

Have you heard about that girl? You know who I’m talking about – the mystery woman constantly dissected by science to bring you the transformational diet of your dreams – the naturally skinny girl. We’ve all heard about her since she was discovered by Bethenny Frankel in the early 2000s. She’s constantly there to remind us of our deficiencies when it comes to beauty, but also give us hope that we could discover our own inner skinny girl. She’s French and also hangs at the beach and does yoga and pilates. She has an effortless way about her and I understand she eats leeks, heavy cream, and hummus. And she either does or does NOT eat bread, bread, bread.

If you’re like me, you are probably a little over hearing about her and her secret food habits. She might help you get a shallow boyfriend, but she’s not going to help you pay the bills. Boring.

The new elusive unicorn woman you should know about is the naturally confident woman. We hear all the time about women having imposter syndrome, feeling shut down in meetings, and getting paid less than men for better work. While the majority of women have this experience or worse, I have seen the naturally confident woman in the wild. She encounters sexism in her career, and then she k