Is This Trauma at Work? . . .

I want to tell you a little about Rebecca G. You will love her. But first . . . (this is relevant, stay with me!)

Have you ever had someone tell you that if you've experienced trauma in your life, you may never recover?

A lot of us are afraid to even call a life experience "trauma" because we've heard you can never recover from trauma. We don't want to identify as "victims" because we know we're tough and smart, so we avoid even using the word "trauma." If you get a little bristly at hearing the word "trauma," I hear you!

What is "trauma," anyway?

In our work, we often have clients who leave a work environment and then are haunted by the idea that they may never recover from it. They think that because they believe acknowledging an experience as "trauma," means they've caught a sickness they can't recover from.