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Is This Trauma at Work? . . .

I want to tell you a little about Rebecca G. You will love her. But first . . . (this is relevant, stay with me!)

Have you ever had someone tell you that if you've experienced trauma in your life, you may never recover?

A lot of us are afraid to even call a life experience "trauma" because we've heard you can never recover from trauma. We don't want to identify as "victims" because we know we're tough and smart, so we avoid even using the word "trauma." If you get a little bristly at hearing the word "trauma," I hear you!

What is "trauma," anyway?

In our work, we often have clients who leave a work environment and then are haunted by the idea that they may never recover from it. They think that because they believe acknowledging an experience as "trauma," means they've caught a sickness they can't recover from.

We think that doesn't have to be true. The trick is, we get to decide what to think of as "trauma" in our lives, and sometimes we want to think of an experience as trauma. Here's why:

Trauma does not have to mean your life has gone wrong. Did you know that after people experience trauma, some portion of people develop post-traumatic stress disorder, but another percentage experience amazing growth in their lives?

Rebecca G. is one of those people. Rebecca is one of our Cultural Health trainers, meaning she does intensive individualized work with our clients to make sure they can create whatever life they want, no matter what their experience has been at work. She is also an amazing example of what is possible after trauma.

You HAVE to listen to her interview on the "There's No Script To Life" podcast.

She talks about:

  • Her extensive experience in the Air Force and in HR for major companies.

  • Experiencing rape and death threats for 10 months while in the military.

  • Her recovery and amazing growth after that experience.

  • The work she does in our individualized Cultural Health trainings to teach what she knows to others and personally work with them to create the lives they want.

Here's what she says about Cultural Health training at Eris:

"People often feel alone in what they're going through, and they don't have to be. At Eris, we fight for them on every level that we can. We want them to leave us ten times better than when they found us."

Check it out, you won't be disappointed! Her story is uplifting and encouraging. She drops a ton of wisdom and shares some very practical action steps for us all.

🎧Listen here. Or, find the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. Just search "There's No Script to Life" and go to Episode 7.


P.S. If you know someone who wants to see their career take off no matter what trauma they have experienced, resolve a toxic work environment, and contribute to others at work, encourage them to reach out. We have 3 spots left for personalized Cultural Health training. Just click here to schedule a consultation and get your name on the list.

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