Use Oprah’s Golden Globes acceptance speech to write your career mission statement.

On Sunday evening, I was flying home from Washington D.C., and as the plane landed in Portland, my phone was blowing up with updates about the Golden Globes. While my old roommate was very concerned about Kerry Washington’s too-robust eyelashes, most people were talking about Oprah’s speech. Since then I have seen actual Facebook fights about whether Oprah should run for President and speculation about whether her speech signaled a plan for the run.

Before the speech, there had already been suggestions and speculation about Oprah running for President, but I started wondering why this particular speech signaled something to its audience – after all Oprah does not mention running for President in the speech. Why did we all know there was something special about this speech? When I re-read the text of the speech (available in full here), the answer became clearer.