Strategic Thinking: Take Back Your Power to Achieve Your Goals

When I create a personalized career defense plan with my VIP clients, one of the most important steps we take is to map out the results they want to get and what they need to do to get those results. When mountain climbers plan a huge climb or when Olympic athletes train for a major competition, they know that mapping out their results not only means specifically envisioning what they want, but it also means training their minds to think like the person who got those results.

I hate all the garbage ideas that if people are homeless or poor or victims of crimes, they somehow did something wrong to deserve it or there is something wrong with them. I think you see this kind of fake “positive thinking” and “law of attraction” stuff in a lot of professional and spiritual settings, and it does nothing to help you change your situation – it just piles on a bunch of judgment and guilt on top of what you’re already experiencing.

Most women who have experienced harassment know this kind of blame all too well. We are assumed to be honest until we challenge a man in authority, and then our believability comes into question – suddenly it is like we are dirty and there is something wrong with us that created this other person’s bad behavior. People start telling us that they “believe” us as though that is a gift and the default would be to assume we are liars. This adds so much judgment on top of the fear you are already experiencing.