Seven Strategies to Stop Harassment and Advance in Fulfilling Work

It is important to be deliberate and strategic in the way we talk about and deal with sexual harassment. In Career Defense 101 (my first book), I explain the seven strategies I use in teaching my clients how to defend their careers from sexual harassment so that they can advance in fulfilling work. Those seven strategies are...

Strategy 1: Law. When women do not understand how the law applies to their particular situation (or whether it applies at all), they often accidentally do things that make it more difficult for the law to protect them. When a client comes to me, I first consider the law and help them understand how the law applies to their situation. Usually, this is somewhat simple. The most important thing to know about the law is that there are time limitations on any legal claim, so it is very important to have a lawyer evaluate how the law applies to your particular situation early so that you make sure you know all of your options.

I always tell my clients that the law only addresses a very narrow amount of wrong things, and it is very particular about the procedures it uses to address that narrow amount of wrong things. One of the biggest problems I see is women avoiding legal advice because most law offices are set up to file in court, rather than to help women actually address and end the harassment they are experiencing. There are often many steps women can take to end harassment before filing a lawsuit, though traditional law firms may not be equipped to teach them. For some people, a lawsuit is the best option, thoug