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Being Targeted or Worried About Being Fired for Pretextual Reasons?

We are seeing a rise in layoffs of people with protected characteristics lately, where the boss/employer blames it on COVID or finances. But, the person who has been let go suspects that is not the real reason.

This video explores what to know about your rights, what you should do if you suspect you're being targeted, and how to protect your job ahead of time.

This is important. People often think about and/or get serious about taking action after the fact which makes things more difficult.

It's always better to assert your protections (in writing) ahead of time. Then, you will have secured your position. Or, if/when you do get fired, you have established evidence for a potential legal claim.

Watch below to learn more about what pretextual reasons are and what you can do to protect your job today.

If you have already been let go and would like to know what your options are, you can schedule a free consult here.

Full transcript and audio here.


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