Do You Need to Investigate an Employee's Complaint?

Many employees come to us after HR has done an investigation. Regardless of how the investigation went, regardless of whether they were the one reporting or the one accused, the employee is unhappy.

They feel unsupported, unheard, and (this may surprise you but) both sides feel suspected.

In this video (below), Rebecca Gwozdziewycz, who has decades of experience in HR and I talk about when investigations are necessary and other options for handling reports in the workplace.

At Eris, we always believe IMPACT training does more to resolve reports of problems at work than investigations do. Regardless of whether you need to conduct an investigation, IMPACT training can actually repair the work environment and get employees back to work safely and at a higher level than before the problem happened.

If you have gotten a report of a problem at work, be sure to reach out to see if IMPACT training is a good fit.

Full transcript and audio here.