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Are Things Bad Enough At Work To Leave?

Many of our clients come to us worried that "things might not be bad enough" YET at work to invest in getting help.

What happens when we focus on things "not being bad enough" is that we almost look forward to things getting worse, so that we can finally give ourselves permission to make a change.

This can become dangerous in situations where things do get worse, and we don't have the tools to protect ourselves.

Instead, we help our clients shift to thinking about work getting better, rather than waiting for things to get worse.

We do this with a concept I like to call the Abundance Spectrum. In the Abundance Spectrum, we start by setting an impossible goal in our careers. We refocus on imagining what our workplace would look like if it was not just better than it is, but if it was ideal.

Then we go from there to start creating it. If you want to learn more about how the process of creating your ideal career looks, check out this video:

Audio and transcript here.

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