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Grant County DA Accessed Citizen's Personal Cell Phone Records With No Suspicion of a Crime

Last year, Grant County District Attorney Jim Carpenter, accessed a citizen’s personal cell phone records without consent, warrant, or suspicion of a crime.

Our client is an Oregon business owner, personal trainer, and all-around badass human (see below) who is standing up for herself and others who have experienced abuse of power from law enforcement.

Full complaint can be seen here.

In Oregon, it is illegal for law enforcement to search your phone without any suspicion of a crime. For white people who think we aren't or can't be impacted by the abuse of power that happens to people of color, we have to remember that we have seen this kind of abuse in the communities of color for decades. It's past time to hold those in power accountable for their abuses. Our communities deserve safety, and all communities can't be safe until black communities are safe from government abuse. We are grateful to brave people like Haley who call out dangers.

In fact, Jim Carpenter has had documented issues around his ethics since he was elected district attorney in 2015. He was publicly reprimanded for dishonesty by the Oregon Supreme Court in 2004. A recent OPB article explores all of this, as he is currently running for a judicial appointment in Grant and Harney counties.

It took a lot of courage for our client to come forward. We hope you will send her some support and well wishes for recovery from this experience.

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