Say Her Name: Nia Wilson - What is intersectionality?

In honor of Nia Wilson's tragic death last week, I recorded a video to honor her and to explain what I could about #SayHerName and what intersectionality is. I'm copying my notes from the video below.

Hey everyone. I wanted to jump on to honor the life of #NiaWilson, who was murdered by a white supremacist while riding the #BART in San Francisco on Sunday night. There was a vigil in her honor today, and I hope you have seen all of the posts honoring her.

Nia Wilson was 18 and a rapper. She was going home with her sister Latifa from a family function, when they both were attacked and stabbed. Her sister survived.

Interestingly, the press releases have noted that the terrorist who attacked them was a white supremacist, but it’s unclear whether he was motivated by race. You have to wonder whether a Muslim or a black man would be given the same presumption of innocence in the media.

So, what people are doing now is deliberately creating public conversation in honor of Nia Wilson. The research shows that there is a disturbing silence around violence against black women. While black women are just as likely to be murdered by the police as black men, the media covers stories of black men and ignores black women. I’ll post below a great article explaining this. (NOTE: