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Exciting news! (and what does 2018 hold for you?)

Hello friends!

Some of you probably know that 2017 was my "Year of Exploration." I saw the word "explore" everywhere! I traveled all over the United States. I reinvented my relationship with money. I started this blog. I became a Reiki Master! But, some of my most exciting exploration has come in this past month:

Woman standing on a cliff with a flag that says "Keep Exploring."

This month, I was able to combine my law and coaching practices in a way I've dreamed of for years, and in a way that I know will truly serve my clients. Even better, I get to combine the law and coaching practices in a firm that is truly my own.

That's right! I've left big firm law, and now the Freedom Resource Center, my baby, is where you will find both my legal and coaching services. Yay!

On top of that, this month, I wrote a book that I believe will help women end harassment in their lives for good and move up to the next level of success. (PRE-ORDER STARTS JANUARY 6!! EEP!)

Here's how my program works: I developed 7 strategies I use with my clients in a one-on-one program to help them end harassment for good and reach the next level of success, whether or not they want to bring a legal claim. The strategies include using the law in their favor, but also looking at the reality of their situation and how to map out a path from where they are to the exact life they want to live.

If you know someone who has worked her way to the top of her field, but now harassment is keeping her from moving forward or enjoying her success, I would love to talk with you or her about her options moving forward! Just reply to this email, and put in the subject line "Harassed? Program Info."

I believe that harassment costs women hundreds of thousands of dollars and countless hours of time and energy every year, and it doesn't have to be that way. I teach my clients how to honor their experience, but also move forward to create the exact life they want.

What is it costing you or your friends to try to avoid or ignore harassment?

Imagine if you could use your time and money for what you want to create in life instead of using it to avoid harassment. Some people naturally understand how to do that, but if you're like me, it does not come naturally. That's why I learned and developed these step-by-step strategies to make real change in my life and in my clients' lives. I hope this is easy for you! But, if it's not, I'm with you.

When you reply to this email, insert the subject line "Harassed? Program Info," let me know what you want to create in 2018 and what's holding you back from creating that.

I can't wait to hear from you!


P.S. There are only 5 spots left in my January one-on-one coaching program. I can't wait to meet my next client! Is it you?

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