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Why you deserve to be happy.

Happiness is just a feeling. It is a vibration in our bodies. Happiness is created by our thoughts.

That means you have control over whether you are happy or not. No one else has control over that.

That's good news!

And here's why you deserve to be happy:

We are here to experience incredible sorrow and grief. We are here to grow and experience the fear of encountering a challenge. We are here to experience failure. We know love and loss. We feel the pain of seeing incredible beauty and the pain of seeing incredible violence.

We are here to experience all of that. And among those feelings is happiness. Happiness is just one of the many feelings you will experience as a human.

When we are unhappy, our brains want to turn that into a huge story, and the title of it is, "You deserve bad things," or some such nonsense.

But, the truth is that when you are willing and able to feel any feeling, process the feeling, and let it pass, happiness is not far behind. When you are willing to experience the feeling that comes up for you, in the present moment, and have compassion for that feeling, happiness becomes easier to find.

You deserve happiness because it is a feeling, and humans are here to experience the whole range of feelings.

What do you think about yourself that makes you happy? Remember that thought for the next time things seem bleak. It doesn't mean you avoid all the other feelings, but the thought that makes you feel happiness about yourself and who you are is always available.

Sending love to you all day long!

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