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How to leave and still be happy

One of the bravest things I have ever seen someone do is leave.

Leave a job that was "right."

Leave a marriage that was "perfect."

Leave a school their parents told them was the key to "success."

What lets you know it's time to leave? Here's one answer: when you want to leave. You can love a job, love a relationship, love a school, and still leave - just because you want to leave.

Do you want people to stay with you out of sacrifice? Most of us don't want a pity friend, but we are willing to insult the people around us by pitying them. We think if we stay in a situation out of pity, the other person will feel good. But, here's the thing: what we do does not control their feelings. Their thoughts control their feelings, no matter what you do. There is nothing you can do to force them to be happy.

If you shine - if you grow into the best, bravest version of yourself, it helps everyone, whatever they are choosing to feel.

If you are waiting for a message from the Universe, here it is: You are perfect. Be wildly you!

Often we think something has to be terrible and abusive in order to leave it (especially the things we are "supposed" to be grateful for). So, then, we try to find reasons our situation is abusive. If the reasons aren't there, sometimes we even create them.

If you have done that, don't worry. There's nothing wrong with you. But, you can let that go. You get to leave, whether it is abusive or not. You get to feel happy, no matter what other people choose to feel.

Even if it is abusive, you get to mourn what you had and experience grief to the fullest while you move on.

Even if it is not abusive, you get to feel freedom and relief at growing into who you truly are.

You get to feel love for the people you leave because feeling love is for you. Feeling guilt or regret doesn't help anybody.

You are the one who feels the feelings you create. If you feel sad, no one else feels that. If you feel happy, you can still choose to stand up for yourself.

If you believe a thought that creates happiness, you can choose that, whether you leave or stay in a relationship. If you want help picking that thought, talk to me!

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