How to leave and still be happy

One of the bravest things I have ever seen someone do is leave.

Leave a job that was "right."

Leave a marriage that was "perfect."

Leave a school their parents told them was the key to "success."

What lets you know it's time to leave? Here's one answer: when you want to leave. You can love a job, love a relationship, love a school, and still leave - just because you want to leave.

Do you want people to stay with you out of sacrifice? Most of us don't want a pity friend, but we are willing to insult the people around us by pitying them. We think if we stay in a situation out of pity, the other person will feel good. But, here's the thing: what we do does not control their feelings. Their thoughts control their feelings, no matter what you do. There is nothing you can do to force them to be happy.