Could Rose McGowan sue for sexual harassment because of episodes of Charmed on Netflix? Could #youto

I am not proud to tell you I started watching Charmed earlier this year. It was just after Rose McGowan told us about Harvey Weinstein, but I had no idea she was on the show. At first, it seemed like a mix between Gilmore Girls and Buffy, which I was very excited about. But, it is not that. One thing I end up liking about it (I guess) is that it is extremely bland. I have no feelings whatsoever about most of the things that happen in the show, except every once in a while there is something so ridiculously sexist that I have to sit up and yell “Are you kidding me?!”

One example of that is Season 4, Episode 3, “Hell Hath No Fury.” Which, already with that title you can tell we’re going nowhere good.

So, Rose McGowan is the fresh innocent face on the show. (Although, I don’t want to be your mom, but how does the show manage to show her midriff in every single costume of hers? Is there an award for that? How creepy is the guy who hands out the award? I digress.) Anyway, she’s the new Charmed sister after Shannon Doherty leaves.