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How to Respond Effectively to Harassment and Discrimination, Keep Your Career, and Build Healthy Workplace Culture!

We want to empower you and help you keep your career and build healthy workplace culture. We offer more trainings related to taking time off of work and impact coaching! 

It's time to take control of your career! See reviews below on how past clients have been impacted

Effectively report and stop harassment and discrimination

Respond effectively to allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination

Explore resources for navigating time off, whether medical, health or other reasons

Live Training Participant

I have been to three other sexual harassment trainings in the past week and yours is the first that offered helpful, substantive solutions to this problem.

Business Owner

I love this workshop. Meredith's story at the start is super powerful. It all feels like ‘oh, I'm normal' and ‘I'm okay, but that's not okay. The sexual harassment workshop is a huge value for $47.

Former Client, Berkeley, CA

Prior to working with Eris, I felt intensely anxious about my and my female colleagues' safety and wellbeing. I felt incredibly unstable and like I couldn't handle things.

After investing in the program, my anxiety decreased exponentially! I learned many

life-changing skills from Meredith. And, became more confident in myself, improved my ability to set boundaries, and began creating the life I want.



Meredith Holley is the founder of Eris Conflict Resolution, the creator of IMPACT Coaching™, and an attorney. She is the author of two internationally bestselling books: Career Defense 101: How to Stop Sexual Harassment Without Quitting Your Job and The Inclusive Leader's Guide to Healthy Workplace Culture.


Meredith's zone of genius is interpersonal systems analysis, which she does through IMPACT Coaching™. This means that if you are facing conflict in your career, she is passionate about helping you find the root systems creating that conflict and where you have power to change them. 

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Are you facing a conflict in your career? Don't hesitate to reach out for a confidential conversation.

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