About Meredith


Certified life coach, The Life Coach School.

Trauma Healing Project, Secretary.

Lane County Women Lawyers, Community Building Committee Chair.

Oregon Council on Court Procedure, Member. 

Oregon Trial Lawyers Association, New Lawyers Committee Co-Chair.

American Association for Justice, Trial Lawyers Care Committee.

Lane County Bar Association, Mentoring Committee Chair (2014-2017). 

Peace Corps Volunteer, Lozovaya, Ukraine (2003-2004).

My Story


Meredith Holley is a lawyer, certified life coach, and bestselling author of two books: Career Defense 101: How to Stop Sexual Harassment Without Quitting Your Job and The Inclusive Leader's Guide to Healthy Workplace Culture. She helps employees stop toxic work environments, sexual harassment, discrimination, and bullying without quitting their jobs. One of the ways she does that is by working with businesses on harassment and discrimination prevention. 


After clerking for trial judges, Meredith joined a litigation firm as an advocate for employees who experienced discrimination. She contributed to successful resolutions of cases involving sexual harassment and discrimination. For example, in Raza v. Lane Community College, an instructor sued her employer for failing to keep her safe from a student who was stalking her, resulting in a settlement that required safety improvements for the entire campus. In Canaday and Tinsley v. L&W Supply Co., two women successfully resolved claims for sexual harassment against their employer for a hostile environment created by their manager.


In Jane Doe v. Lussuria Salon, Inc., a patient sued after a massage therapist sexually assaulted her. After discovering that the massage salon hid evidence of a previous complaint, and with the support of the woman who had previously come forward, the patient was able to resolve the claims. In Fawcett, et al. v. Willamette University, a women's rowing team sued a college to increase opportunities for athletic participation for women, resulting in the college adding women's athletic teams. 


When she had her own experience of sexual harassment, Meredith quickly realized that in order to truly overcome harassment and discrimination, her clients needed more than the law could offer. Meredith became certified as a life coach and revolutionized her practice. Now, Meredith combines legal strategy, practical understanding of her clients’ lives, and evidence-based cognitive management techniques. 

Meredith attended undergraduate and law school at the University of Oregon. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine, she developed a mentorship program between her high school students and younger girls in the local orphanage. Now, she works with Lane County Women Lawyers, the Trauma Healing Project, Oregon Trial Lawyers Association, and Trial Lawyers Care to advocate for gender equality, economic justice, and community building. She is a Reiki Master.

Meredith loves peonies, British zombies, and meditation. She looks back on each instance of harassment or discrimination she experienced (every unwanted back rub, every threat about her salary, every cat call, etc.) with gratitude for what it has taught her about ending those experiences for other people. She believes every woman deserves a thriving career, safe from sexual harassment.

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