Stop Sexual Harassment.


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Lawyer, Berkeley, CA

Before investing in this program, my boss was sexually harassing at least one coworker and engaging in repeated disrespectful behavior towards women and people of different ethnicities. 


I felt intensely anxious about my and my female colleagues' safety and well being. I felt incredibly unstable and like I couldn't handle things.


After investing in this program, my anxiety decreased exponentially! I learned so many life-changing skills from Meredith . . . . I became more confident in myself and truly began to believe that I can achieve my dream of becoming a professional artist and creating the life that I want. I improved my ability to set boundaries with my boss and with people in general. 

Associate Professor, Corvallis, OR

Listen to Margaret's story of stopping sexual harassment by clicking above. 

"I kind of went into a deep, stressful place. I wasn’t functioning very well. I had to get on my feet and be able to be confident in myself after feeling like the bottom had fallen out for me. I like who I am now more than I liked who I was before the harassment even started."

- Margaret, Associate Professor


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We are an anti-harassment anti-discrimination organization. This means we don’t pretend we always will say the right thing or do the right thing (or that our clients will either), but we are committed to looking for and correcting our own disrespect or bias. We are committed to kindness, respect, and focusing on service to our clients. Our mission is to end oppression.