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Before investing in this program, my boss was sexually harassing at least one coworker and engaging in repeated disrespectful behavior towards women and people of different ethnicities. I felt intensely anxious about my and my female colleagues' safety and well being. I felt incredibly unstable and like I couldn't handle things. After investing in this program, my anxiety decreased exponentially! I learned so many life-changing skills from Meredith, like how to create safety for myself regardless of the outside circumstances and how to adjust my thoughts to create the kinds of feelings and experiences I desire. I became more confident in myself and truly began to believe that I can achieve my dream of becoming a professional artist and creating the life that I want. I improved my ability to set boundaries with my boss and with people in general. 


I am now able to go to work daily without feeling anxious around my boss. I was able to make a report about my boss's behavior--I felt a lot of anxiety before reporting, but I was able to use the tools and skills Meredith taught me to help me navigate the anxiety and report in a way in which I felt confident and proud of myself. Before I reached out to Meredith, I never would have imagined that I'd have the courage to report and do what I've done to change my work environment! I have the beginning stages of my art business plan! 


I know you're probably feeling a lot of anxiety right now (and probably a lot of other difficult emotions)--I was there, too, not that long ago. But I truly believe that making the decision to work with Meredith was crucial to my ability to take control of my work situation and life in general. You have the power to turn your situation around! But it starts with deciding that you're worth investing in and caring for yourself. Also, Meredith has a unique specialty--not only can she help you with the legal issues around sexual harassment that might arise, but also, she is dedicated to helping you build the type of career/work situation that lights you up!


In addition to being super smart and clearly passionate about the work she does, Meredith is a genuinely kind person. I also appreciated how she wasn't afraid to ask me the hard questions--I knew it came from a place of wanting me to grow and succeed.


- N.A., Berkeley, CA

Meredith Holley I just wanted to tell you that watching all of these women speak out against sexual harassment and assault takes me back to the day that I first stepped into your office. I don't know if you remember how incredibly hesitant I was to speak about the abuse that was happening to me every day at work. I was there to discuss pay discrimination and didn't want to talk about " the other stuff". You gently encouraged me to tell you everything even if we decided not to pursue it.


I think I talked for an hour that day! I told you everything. All of the things I had for so long pretended were "normal". I said them out loud for probably the first time ever. I think the expression on your face was what finally opened my eyes to what was actually happening to me. It was a really tough road and I'm still not myself... I may never be, but today I can say that I was brave enough to speak out, because of you!

- A.C., Eugene, OR

Before I invested in working with Meredith, I felt completely overwhelmed and hopeless. And intimidated and alone and scared and turned completely upside down. I was moving through a high conflict divorce situation, including child custody issues, and I wanted to do it without losing track of my values and my kids' best interests. I wanted to engage with the legal system and a toxic attorney on the other side without becoming just as toxic.


After engaging in this program and through Meredith's comprehensive approach to these issues, I was able to identify the ways my thought patterns were actually taking power away from me and giving it over to my ex or his attorney or any negative situation I was in. I also felt completely supported, legally. Meredith was able to diffuse the anxiety and confusion around the family law process for me. She also encouraged and supported me in responding to the negative statements being submitted to the court from my ex's attorney, in a way that aligned with my values and my care for the process to be full of love and authenticity. Strangely, these document are something I would be proud to look back on as they show the integrity exhibited by our approach to the divorce process. There was no dehumanizing language or senseless attacks in the documents we filed--I am thankful for her support in not coming down to the other attorney's level.


Meredith was able to bring me from a place of constant panic to a place of calm(er). Much calmer, emotionally and mentally. 

Legally, Meredith secured a temporary order which granted the requests we had made. It was such a relief to move into a space of clarity with the court as well as to have an order to rely upon as we continue to make decisions, going froward. We are able to use that order to provide a starting place for our negotiation through mediation to hopefully settle the remainder of the matter out of court. If I had not received Meredith's guidance and training around thought patterns, I would not be able to sit in a room and mediate with my ex.


I would say that Meredith provides so much more than legal assistance and coaching. She addresses the whole self with the goal of empowering and helping us identify these unhelpful patterns that have impacted so many women from living fully into their power. The cost is so reasonable for the benefit received from the process. I will be able to use these skills for the rest of my life and look back on a very challenging legal situation knowing that I did my best to respect the process and myself through the process. Meredith caught me each time I fell. We all need that. Women helping women is a powerful and beautiful sharing of experiences and I would recommend it to anyone in need of guidance, clarity, hope, and sound legal counsel.

- A.B., Corvallis, OR 

Meredith is a ninja coach.

- Dr. Deb Butler, DC, Master Life Coach

Women often think that identifying harassment or discrimination will mean they're a victim. We know we're tough and smart, so we think we should be able to handle it on our own.

I don't want you to fall into these traps.

Do one gets to decide if you're a victim but you. 

There's a reason you have not been able to handle this on your own - we are never taught how. We're taught how to get an A+ from the teacher, but not what to do when the teacher is harassing us. If we don't interrupt this, we end up using our intelligence and strength against ourselves. 

There is a better way.


I'm Meredith Holley. I am a lawyer, life coach, and internationally bestselling author of the book Career Defense 101: Is Your Career Safe From Sexism?  I help women end sexual harassment for good and heal so that they can focus on work that are powerful and safe. 

When I experienced sexual harassment early in my career, I was told, "Things are really sexist, and we just have to deal with it." My harasser had a much higher position than mine, and I spent months terrified I would lose my job if I contradicted him, and equally terrified that the harassment was becoming physically dangerous the more I did nothing about it. I was not satisfied with tolerating sexual harassment, but I did not want to give up my career, so I researched and tried everything I could. I didn't give up. After more than a year of harassment, my harasser apologized and changed his behavior. We worked together safely and successfully for years after. 

Now I help my clients do the same.

I have had the privilege in my legal career of working with many women to successfully resolve sexual harassment and discrimination cases. For example, in Raza v. Lane Community College, an instructor sued her employer for failing to keep her safe from a student who was stalking her, resulting in a settlement that required safety improvements for the entire campus. In Canaday and Tinsley v. L&W Supply Co., two women successfully resolved claims for sexual harassment against their employer for a hostile environment created by their manager.


In Jane Doe v. Lussuria Salon, Inc., a patient sued after a massage therapist sexually assaulted her. After discovering that the massage salon hid evidence of a previous complaint, and with the support of the woman who had previously come forward, the patient was able to resolve the claims. In Fawcett, et al. v. Willamette University, a women's rowing team sued a college to increase opportunities for athletic participation for women, resulting in the college adding women's athletic opportunities. 

For many other women, things did not have to get so bad that they filed a lawsuit against their employers or harassers. Before things get worse or you quit, talk with a lawyer. 

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