Local Chiropractor Accused of Sexual Assault

Local chiropractor, Matthew Freedman, owner of Eugene Chiropractic, is accused of at least 19 instances of sexual assault, groping, and exposing himself to two patients. The patients filed complaints in Lane County Circuit Court Friday, May 29, 2020. The complaints are available here and here.

These complaints allege that Dr. Freedman used his position as a chiropractor to "groom" or normalize sexual contact with both women, establishing himself as a trusted person and then breaking that trust by sexually assaulting and harassing them. He established business relationships investing in development properties with both women, one of whom is a real estate agent and the other a general contractor. Then, he became the landlord for one of the women. The complaints allege that Dr. Freedman used his positions of trust as a medical provider and a landlord to abuse both women.

The complaint goes on to say that when one woman reported to her business partner, Jeffrey Mustin, that she was afraid of Dr. Freedman, Mustin turned against her, told the men working for her to avoid her, and forced her out of their joint business.

Sexual harassment and sexual assault are illegal in Oregon. Dr. Freedman is currently under investigation with the Chiropractic Board and the Lane County Sheriff's Office.

We understand there may be other patients who have been harmed by Dr. Freedman. Dr. Freedman previously practiced as a chiropractor in California. If you have any information about a patient or business associate who may have been harmed by Dr. Freedman, please call 458-221-2671 to make a report. You can ask for the report to be confidential and do not have to disclose your name. Also, please feel free to repost this.

It took a lot of courage for our clients to come forward. We are