ICYMI: R. Kelly made an 18 minute confession (please don't Google it)

In case you missed it, R. Kelly, the R&B artist who married Aaliyah when she was only 15 years old, recently released an 18 minute confession in song.

Please don't Google it, and I talk more about why and what you can do to respond on a Facebook live I did recently. Here it is! (And check out my face! Frozen sarcasm face!)

Here is a link to an article about the accusations against R. Kelly.

Here's the text of the song so you don't have to google it:

Lyrics! I Admit R. Kelly Produced by Noc & R. Kelly [Verse 1] I admit I done made some mistakes And I have some imperfect ways (I have some imperfect ways) I admit I helped so many people (I helped so many) And them same damn people turned fake (same damn people turned) I admit it was so hard to focus (focus) I didn't go to classes I admit that I dropped out of school (yeah, yeah, yeah) I admit that I wasn't that cool (I wasn't) I admit that I just feel like retiring (I, yeah) I admit that I just don't feel like trying (I, yeah) But all my real niggas round me keep tellin' me (tellin') "Kells, fuck that you gotta keep climbin'" (climbin') I admit it, I admit it I did (yeah) I done fucked with a couple of fans (fans) I admit that I'm a gift and a curse (gift and a curse) I admit that I don't go to church (no, no) [Chorus] I admit it, admit it (I) I admit it, I did it (I) I admit it, I did (I) I admit it, I did, did it [Verse 2] I admit I got so many flaws (yeah) Told so many lies to these broads (too many lies) Blew so much money, pop so many bottles, yeah I fucked a bitch just because (just because) Nigga, I had a hell of a day, but I admit I was in my own way (hell of a day, in my own way) I admit I had my mama cryin' over me, what else can a nigga say (uh) I admit I can't spell for shit I admit that all I hear is hits (ohh) I admit that I couldn't read the teleprompter