This is why your boss should hate you.

It makes sense, right? Our brains are basically computers pre-programmed with 1 objective: survival. We survive by getting adults to like us when we’re little – by getting certain grades in school, approval from our parents, attention from our coaches. Then, as adults, we survive by trying to get our bosses to like us . . . or at least not hate us.

If the grownups like us, we think, we will survive.

Take Jill for example. Jill had always done well in school and knew her passion was journalism. When an older, successful man noticed her at an event and offered her a job, she thought things were finally falling into place for her.

She had been discovered.

After she started work, however, her boss, the man who discovered her, started inviting her on private lunches, where he asked her invasive questions about her romantic life. A few times he “accidentally” showed her pornographic pictures on his phone.