Worried You or Someone You Love Might Be Experiencing Sexism at Work?

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I'm Meredith Holley. I am a lawyer who helps professional women end sexism at work so that they can focus on careers they love. 

Are you worried you or someone you love is experiencing sexism at work?

Are you worried you might have responsibility do something about the sexism for yourself and other women?

I work one-on-one with a small handful of women I carefully select who are ready to end sexism in their lives.

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At worst: things stay as they are now. 

At best: you are able to end sexism, heal, do work you love, and be a hero to other women.


If you or someone you love has experienced sexism at work, you are not alone. Around 35 million women in the United States has left her career because of sexual harassment.

BUT, no woman needs to lose thousands of dollars by quitting her job. 

I work closely with my clients to help them end sexism at work using proven strategies that I have used for myself and my clients.

I understand feeling uncomfortable or overwhelmed talking to someone about this, but don't let that discomfort steal your career. 

When you book your confidential strategy session, we will: 

- Get CLARITY on where you are with this problem and the outcome YOU want.

- Get clarity on the obstacles you've already faced and what you've been able to do to OVERCOME them.

- Make sure you have a PLAN going forward for your next steps. 

PLEASE, don't wait until things get worse.


Asking For a Friend?

Here's a sample email I wrote for you that you can copy to reach out to your friend:

Hi friend!

I know things at work have been tough lately, and I've been thinking a lot about you and what you've been going through. It occurred to me that with all of the talk in the news about sexism lately, there have to be people working on solutions, so I started looking into what might be out there.

I found one lawyer, Meredith Holley, who is also a life coach and wrote an internationally bestselling book, Career Defense 101: Is Your Career Safe From Sexism? I wondered if you would be interested in her work. 

If you are, you can get a free copy of her book here: www.CareerDefense101.com. Or, if you don't want to wait to get help, it looks like you can sign up for a free strategy session with her here: https://freedomresourcecenter.as.me/

I hope this helps! Thanks for sharing with me!