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Hi! I'm Meredith Holley. I'm a lawyer, life coach, and bestselling author of the book Career Defense 101: How to Stop Sexual Harassment Without Quitting Your Job. Early in my legal career, I was representing women in sexual harassment lawsuits, while I was being sexually harassed myself. The other lawyers I talked with had no advice for me other than to ignore it. I was not satisfied with that, and after more than a year of harassment, I discovered the strategies and tools that work to stop sexual harassment. My harasser apologized, changed his behavior, and we worked together successfully for years after. 
Now I teach the conflict resolution method I developed so that my clients always know they can resolve any conflict, no matter how difficult or toxic the other person is.
If you want to learn more about how to resolve conflict without backing down or being a jerk (even if the other person doesn't want to change), I teach a free class on that. You can check out the schedule here to claim your spot.