Angela Canaday

Meredith Holley I just wanted to tell you that watching all of these women speak out against sexual harassment and assault takes me back to the day that I first stepped into your office. I don't know if you remember how incredibly hesitant I was to speak about the abuse that was happening to me every day at work. I was there to discuss pay discrimination and didn't want to talk about " the other stuff". You gently encouraged me to tell you everything even if we decided not to pursue it. I think I talked for an hour that day! I told you everything. All of the things I had for so long pretended were "normal". I said them out loud for probably the first time ever. I think the expression on your face was what finally opened my eyes to what was actually happening to me. It was a really tough road and I'm still not myself... I may never be, but today I can say that I was brave enough to speak out, because of you!

Erica Smith

Salt Lake City, UT

Coaching with Meredith made me realize how much power I have over my thoughts and feelings, which has translated into tangible changes in my life and visible success. I feel empowered to embark on huge, intimidating goals because I know now that I have the tools to ensure my own success. 

Like Meredith says, we are all the perfect people to solve our own problems, and she's the perfect person to walk me through that difficult process!

Dr. Sarah Hansen

Atlanta, GA

Meredith has given me an invaluable set of tools I will always use to help me reach my goals. 

Justin W.

Chicago, IL

My conversations with Meredith completely transformed my life. She is a true bodhisattva.

Dr. Deb Butler

Master Life Coach

Meredith is a ninja coach.

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