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If you don't want to wait to read the book to get help with your workplace culture, let's talk. I offer Workplace Cultural Health Facilitations and train Certified Power Dynamics Facilitators to make sure your workplace can deal with problems that come up.


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It's not just "bad" companies that face cultural health issues. In fact sometimes "good" companies like nonprofits, creative agencies, and other companies making a difference in the world have a harder time. This is because employees want to be focused on their jobs without causing problems, and that means you may never find out about issues they're facing. If you don't find out about them, they just get worse and worse. 

When I work with companies, I help them create active diagnosis of problems, confidential reporting mechanisms, transparency, and power dynamics facilitation.

If you think something like that could work for your company, don't hesitate to reach out!

Here's what one reader said about my work: "Would you try to re-wire a faulty electrical system in your building with no formal training or guidance? Then how can you expect to create a healthy, inclusive workplace culture without the proper training and tools to manage conflict and identify and resolve toxicity in the form of harassment or discrimination? This is where Meredith comes in: by sharing her experience and expertise, she guides you through the steps of diagnosing cultural health problems, the benefits of (and how to implement) confidential reporting, and how to understand and shift power dynamics."

Here's what a client said about working with me through a crisis intervention: "Meredith taught us strategies to help us improve our business long term. She helped us through a major crisis using her methods and tools in this book, and we are a better and stronger company because of it."

I'd love to hear what's going on in your workplace. If you're willing to share, just send me an email and let's talk!


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