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Eris Conflict Resolution. Resolve Toxic Work Environments. Resolve Sexual Harassment. Resolve Discrimination. Workplace Mediation and Coaching

Empowered Communication™ Foundations

Empowered Communication™ Foundations is the first step in:

  • Making workplaces safe for diversity, equity, and inclusion conversations;

  • Helping teams with diverse identities, ideas, and experiences communicate effectively;

  • Resolving toxic work environments; and

  • Leading from a place of empowerment and integrity. 

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Results We've Seen From Empowered Communication™ Coaching:

I have been training and working in the STEM field for over 20 years, in both academia and industry. I came to Meredith at a point when I felt I was being unfairly penalized and discriminated against in my job because of my gender.


I think it is fair to say that most women accumulate years of both personal and professional experiences of sexual harassment and misogyny. It can feel hopeless and powerless.


The IMPACT process and coaching are a part of the healing process from experiencing job discrimination. Meredith is helping me re-shape how I view the challenges I face being a woman in a male-dominated career.


As I am now raising my own daughter, I want to help shape her beliefs about herself. I want her generation of women to have a different way of walking through the misogyny in our culture. It’s empowering to change the way I interact with misogynistic behavior. Not only does it set me (and other women) up for future success, but it is something I can look back on and say I did my part and have no regrets.


- A.D.

Before investing in coaching, I was sad and literally despondent. I felt like no one was in my corner and that doom was around the corner.


I'd say coaching was one of the most important things I've ever done in my life. If you're facing a difficult situation and you feel like there is no way up, you can't afford not to invest in coaching. It's an investment in yourself.


I know coaching programs aren't meant to replace any existing therapies, but for me it was more helpful than any therapist, friend, partner, family member etc. EVER for improving my outlook on life.

- Chemist

Having access to Meredith and the tools she gave us changed everything.


If you have an inkling that there might be a problem or you need help, get help! It's NEVER a bad investment to improve your company. And, that's exactly what working with Eris did for us.


100% worth it!

- Business Owner

In Empowered Communication™ Foundations:

You learn the foundational principles covering the three pillars of Empowered Communication:

  • Boundaries. Establish nuanced, individualized, and effective strategies for building allies and enforcing boundaries to create a safe work environment.

  • Reprogramming Hegemony. Develop awareness of social and cultural power dynamics to correct oppressive power dynamics and build inclusive and equitable workplace culture.

  • Accountability. Create safe containers to take responsibility for what is in our control, and release what is outside of our control, in order to cultivate healthy accountability and accomplish shared goals.

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Hi! I'm Meredith Holley

I'm the founder of Eris Conflict Resolution, where I resolve toxic work environments using mediation, Empowered Communication™ coaching, and legal strategies. 

I know firsthand how painful toxic work environments can be. Early in my legal career, I got my dream job at a civil rights organization, representing people in sexual harassment lawsuits. The problem was I was being sexually harassed myself. When I went to other lawyers, I told them, "I know how to file a lawsuit for sexual harassment, but how do I get my boss to stop touching me every day." They said, "I don't know. That sounds really bad, so maybe you should just quit." But, quitting meant giving up my career. 

After more than a year of harassment, I finally found tools that worked, which I teach through Empowered Communication™. My harasser apologized, stopped touching me, and we worked together safely for years after. 

Now, as a business owner, I understand how badly most leaders want their teams to be happy and thriving. 

Empowered Communication™ Foundations provides strategies that allow anyone to start the process of creating safe, equitable, inclusive work environments. 

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Empowered Communication  

Foundations is right for you and your team if:

  • You want to improve your communication strategies around challenging issues;

  • You feel like you are communicating your boundaries and expectations clearly, but you keep feeling unheard or out of control;

  • You are running into toxic behavior, unfairness, discrimination, harassment, or abuse at work, and you want to try to resolve it on your own; or

  • You want strategies to enforce clear boundaries, navigate limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, and understand how to use your energy to influence what is inside of your control. 

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Empowered Communication 

Foundations is not right for you and your team if:

  • You are facing a harassment or discrimination complaint;

  • You want higher-touch 1:1 work on your individual experience;

  • You are not ready to consider how systems of discrimination and oppression impact our work environments;

  • You do not have access to a computer or device for remote learning; or

  • You only want legal advice. 


  • Empowered Communication Foundations is available for individuals or organizations. It is available completely remotely or we can arrange for a trainer to visit your organization. Email us at or call 458-221-2671 if you would like to talk about your organization's needs.

  • For individuals, the next session of Empowered Communication Foundations starts in July 2023. If you join, you get access to:

    • At least 8 weeks of access to the online Empowered Communications Foundations online course material (you get access as soon as you join and have access through the end of the program on September 20, 2023;

    • 4 live Q&A sessions with Meredith (replays will be provided), which will be held on zoom on the following dates from 12:00-1:00 Pacific time:

      • July 20, 2023​

      • July 27, 2023

      • August 17, 2023

      • September 14, 2023

    • Anonymous options for asking questions or asking for feedback about your particular situation;

    • A Voxer group chat, where you can celebrate successes. 

For Individuals, joining our July 2023 group is $222 if you join before July 4, 2023. If you join after July 4, the price goes up to $444.

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(The Foundations training does not involve legal advice.)


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