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Stop Sexual Harassment. Keep the Career You Love.

  • Are you facing a bully, abuser, harasser, or someone discriminatory at work? 

  • Are you thinking about quitting your job or worried about getting fired?

  • Are you in a career you love, wanting to get a promotion, but worried discrimination might get in your way? 

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Create Safety

Before investing in this program, my boss was sexually harassing at least one coworker and engaging in repeated disrespectful behavior towards women and people of different ethnicities. 


I felt intensely anxious about my and my female colleagues' safety and well being. I felt incredibly unstable and like I couldn't handle things.


After investing in this program, my anxiety decreased exponentially! I learned so many life-changing skills from Meredith . . . . I became more confident in myself and truly began to believe that I can achieve my dream of becoming a professional artist and creating the life that I want. I improved my ability to set boundaries with my boss and with people in general. 

N.A., Lawyer

Stop Sexual Harassment

Listen to Margaret's story of stopping sexual harassment by clicking above. 

"I kind of went into a deep, stressful place. I wasn’t functioning very well. I had to get on my feet and be able to be confident in myself after feeling like the bottom had fallen out for me. I like who I am now more than I liked who I was before the harassment even started."

- Margaret, Associate Professor

Leave at the Right Time


Lindsey felt stuck in her job, but knew she could make way more money working in her own business. After working together, she expects to make about $50,000 more this year than last year. Here's what she said after her second call:

"Last Sunday's call was AMAZING. I've already made huge shifts and it's only Wednesday! You totally changed my perspective on some major blocks. I've thought a lot about the things we talked about and as suspected, once I had a new way of looking at things my decisions started clicking into place."

-Lindsey, Entrepreneur


Self Study

Not ready to make a shift, but want to learn more about how to:

  • Know whether you or someone you love is experiencing sexual harassment at work;

  • Stop bullying, abuse, harassment, discrimination, and other toxic behavior when you experience it; and

  • Recover from the trauma of a toxic work environment?

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