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  • Do you want to create a workplace where your employees are excited to come to work every day? 

  • Do you care about the work your business is creating and want to protect it from high turnover and lawsuits?

  • Are you ready to take your business to the next level of cultural health leadership? 

A live training may be the right next step for you. Click on the link below to inquire about scheduling a training:

Upcoming Events

NemaMetrix: Healthy Workplace Culture Training

Inspired Leadership Training

I’m in such a place of appreciation for our workshop. I left with tools I’ve immediately applied and had great results. It was also such an eye opening experience for me in terms of getting clearer about what I see in terms of a future in this company for me and what that path might look like for my team members as well. . . . I really feel like it is just the beginning of getting this dialed in and that is inspiring.

-Heather, Sales Manager

Crisis Conflict Resolution

Listen to Emily's story of crisis conflict resolution by clicking above. 

"You feel out of control and powerless. I know we as owners did too. These were pretty serious accusations, and we wanted to get to the bottom of it safely and ethically – legally – and we wanted to make sure that our company stayed intact. . . . [Meredith] just gave [our employees] the tools and the skills and the strength, I think, to kind of solve their own – to come to their own conclusions and to solve their own problems. . . . All three employees still work for the company today."

- Emily, Business Owner

Respectful Separation

What a difference your support made! Having our company culture change by letting that employee go has been a monumental shift. . . .


And you made that transition very smooth. I am confident that having you negotiate her leaving gave me the space to find my own voice, solidify what was important to me, and it allowed me to prioritize what I needed for my company. And, it was also important to treat that employee with the utmost respect while still being clear that she needed to go. You took the part that would have made it difficult to achieve those things and navigated it smoothly. . . . 

You helped me hold my ideal of always being heart-based, ethical and exceptional. Thank you for that.


-Adrienne, Business Owner

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