Let's face it . . . you probably don't want to talk about sexual harassment.

That's okay. 

It can feel incredibly hard to just look for information about sexual harassment at work. So, you should feel proud that you've come this far. I honor that.


It is possible to create a healthy work environment. You just need someone to show you how.


I'm Meredith Holley. I am a lawyer, life coach, and international bestselling author of the book Career Defense 101: How to Stop Sexual Harassment Without Quitting Your Job.  


Early in my legal career I got my dream job. The problem was that the owner of the company I worked for was sexually harassing me. I was representing women in sexual harassment lawsuits while I was being sexually harassed. I felt humiliated, and realized that because I wanted to keep my job, the law couldn't give me very much help. You see, generally, the law only provides a solution after someone has been fired or forced to quit.


After more than a year of being harassed, I found tools that worked.

I didn't back down. My harasser apologized, changed his behavior,

and we worked together successfully for years after. 

Now I help other women do the same.


If you are looking for a lawyer to file a lawsuit for you because you have been fired or forced to quit, this is not the place for that.

If you want to know how to shift power dynamics to

  • always be the most powerful person in the room,

  • focus on work you love, and

  • help other women be safe from harassment, 



Even if you're worried that what you're experiencing isn't "real" sexual harassment, it is worth doing something to create a healthy work environment. I'd love to talk.


N.A., Berkeley, CA

I know you're probably feeling a lot of anxiety right now (and probably a lot of other difficult emotions)--I was there, too, not that long ago. But I truly believe that making the decision to work with Meredith was crucial to my ability to take control of my work situation and life in general. You have the power to turn your situation around! But it starts with deciding that you're worth investing in and caring for yourself. Also, Meredith has a unique specialty--not only can she help you with the legal issues around sexual harassment that might arise, but also, she is dedicated to helping you build the type of career/work situation that lights you up!

A.B., Corvallis, OR

Meredith was able to diffuse the anxiety and confusion around the family law process for me. She also encouraged and supported me in responding to the negative statements being submitted to the court from my ex's attorney, in a way that aligned with my values and my care for the process to be full of love and authenticity. Strangely, these document are something I would be proud to look back on as they show the integrity exhibited by our approach to the divorce process.

B.G., Eugene, OR

When I started, I felt restricted in my future progress, and in my new position in a new career. I censored my speech and interactions, because I felt like "I don't know enough to comment." Now, I speak up at meetings. I ask questions more in group settings, I offer my opinion. Because of this sense of freedom, I am evaluating my work choices, and considering my options without fear.


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