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Career Defense 101:
Is Your Career Safe From Sexism?

Career Defense 101

Let's face it, if you're anything like me, sexual harassment is probably the last thing you wish you were spending your time reading about.
It would be nice if it just didn't exist! . . . But it does.
If you are facing something at work that you're afraid is sexual harassment, you may want to leave this page and just ignore it.
Before you do, take a chance on checking out the book. I've tried to organize it so that you can find information and strategies that work and apply to exactly what you are facing, without having to read the whole thing.
You can go directly to the information you want:
>> Free access to the Quiz: Is Your Workplace Safe From Sexual Harassment? (Page 25)
>> Template reporting letters. (Page 80)
>> Template Cease & Desist Letter. (Page 78)
>> Overview of the law and how it applies to harassment. (Page 26)
>> The #1 MOST IMPORTANT thing to know about reporting harassment. (Page 34)
>> How to build allies, even when you face victim blaming. (Page 36)
>> The #1 tool to use in shifting power dynamics. (Page 44)
>> How to set boundaries and EFFECTIVE consequences for behavior you don't like. (Page 56)
>> Resources available to you if you start experiencing symptoms of trauma. (Page 62)
>> What to do if you find yourself self-sabotaging, self-harming, or even facing suicidal thinking. (Page 70)



Hello! I am Meredith Holley. I'm a lawyer and life coach, and I help professional women clean up toxic work environments and stop sexual harassment, without quitting, so that they can focus on work they love.


Early in my legal career, I found myself representing women in sexual harassment lawsuits while I was being sexually harassed by the owner of the company where I worked. I went to an employment lawyer and asked her for advice, but all she could offer, if I wanted to keep my job, was, "Things are really sexist, and we just have to deal with it." I was not satisfied with that answer, and so I researched and tried everything I could to make the harassment stop. After more than a year of harassment, I found tools that work. My harasser apologized, changed his behavior, and we worked together for years after.


Now I teach my clients how to do the same. I am happy to offer you a copy of my book to get you started.

What People Are Saying about Career Defense 101:

The stories of real life women, the situations they experience, and how Meredith helped them will help you understand you are not alone if you experience harassment or assault in the workplace and - perhaps most importantly - that there are resources available to you. The book aides in demystifying how the law can be used in harassment/assault situations. Lawsuits, cease and desist - just the word the “law” in general - can feel overwhelming and daunting but Meredith breaks down the pros and cons of legal action in layman's terms. Even if you haven’t experienced harassment in the workplace, this is a valuable read for anyone in the workplace. It can guide your supporters and allies - and even your adversaries - in understanding your approach when defending your career from a blow like harassment or assault.

Kira O'Connor, J.D., EMEA, Public Policy, Instagram,

London, UK

Meredith’s stories are relatable, the strategies are tough assignments and the work is certain to be a game changer for those who wish to beat the odds and improve their lives.

Judy, Secondary Survivor,

Corvallis, OR

EVERYONE should read Meredith Holley's Career Defense 101: the person experiencing harassment in their place of work, someone who wants to expand their knowledge of what others go through, and those that want to be allies for friends and colleagues going through this difficult thing in their life.  Everyone has something to learn from this book. When reading, it feels like you are sitting down with an old friend for coffee and coming up with a plan for your life.  She brings a difficult topic down to a level that is encouraging and practical. She lets you know it isn't always easy addressing sexual harassment in your own life, but it is possible, and things can be better.

Lucy Durst, Deputy District Attorney

Jackson County Oregon

Having experienced sexual harassment as a woman in more than one job I was left feeling hopeless, ashamed and wondering if I was doing something to attract this unwanted attention. I felt powerless against the people in positions of power perpetrating the harassment and would either ignore it hoping it would go away or I would quit. Every night I would weigh the toll it was taking on my mental health against the cost of feeding my child and financially supporting our home. Ignoring the behavior just led to escalation and quitting the job did not alleviate the stress only added to it as now I was starting at square one with a new company. I wish I had read "Career Defense 101" in my early 20's. Meredith Holley gives an easy to understand, intuitive and smart defense strategy to protect your career, integrity and mental health. She provides tangible examples, writing exercises and worksheets that put you in the driver seat rather than a passenger. You will walk away with a better grasp of the law and how it pertains to your situation, how to construct a support network, confronting your harasser (or not) and an action plan you can feel empowered by. A must read for all!

Jennifer Tinsley, Administrative Assistant

Eugene, OR

There are plenty of books about sexual harassment and the legal claims involved. What Meredith Holley adds to that literature is an empowering roadmap to creating a life of success and meaning no matter what kind of harassment you are experiencing. All too often the true cost of sexual harassment is that women give up on themselves and their careers. This book covers the legal angles but more importantly it teaches women how to empower themselves to deal with harassment and to create thriving lives and careers not in spite of it, but because of it. A must-read for anyone experiencing harassment at work or anywhere else.

Kara Loewentheil, J.D., M.C.C., Creator of UnF*ck Your Brain: A Feminist Blueprint for Creating Confidence

New York, NY

What sets Meredith Holley's work apart from other self-help books for women facing harassment in the workplace is that it provides a truly valuable set of tools to empower women to take remedial action. Ms. Holley demystifies the law, giving candid and thoughtful advice about the obstacles posed by a patriarchal legal system that favors male harassers over women. She teaches with both compassion and humor, using real world examples and powerful analogies. This uplifting book is a must-read not just for women who struggle with sexual harassment, but for anyone entering the workplace and searching for fulfillment in their careers.

Leslie O'Leary, Attorney

Eugene, Oregon

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