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Career Defense 101:
Is Your Career Safe From Sexism?

Career Defense 101

What we call a toxic or unhealthy work environment is sometimes also sexual harassment.
Understanding how to stop a toxic work environment and work with unhealthy people can protect your career.
81% of women report experiencing sexual harassment.
Almost 50% report experiencing harassment at work.
1 in 4 women says she has left a career because of harassment.
Often, women don't identify sexual harassment until it is too late to make a legal claim or protect their job.
If you might have a toxic work environment, download this free book and learn:
👉 WHEN to listen to gut instinct. Page 39. 
👉 The ONE thing you need to know to feel safe, even when you work in a toxic workplace. Page 43. 
👉 How to set consequences for toxic behavior that protect you and impact your workplace. Page 55. 
👉 What the law considers sexual harassment and how to use the law in your favor. Page 31. 
👉 How to effectively report sexual harassment + BONUS sample reporting email. Page 31. 
👉 The most important mistake women make when encountering harassment. Page 8.
👉 BONUS: Quiz: Is your workplace safe from sexual harassment? Page 25. 
👉 My story of stopping harassment, getting an apology, and seeing my harasser change. Page 16. 
👉 What to do when you’re afraid to post #MeToo. Page 19. 
👉 Know when to call the police and how they can help + BONUS sample cease and desist letter when a restraining order isn’t the right option. Page 27. 
👉 What to do when someone responds badly to your story. Page 36. 
👉 What to do when PTSD or suicidal thinking interfere with your ability to keep working. Page 61. 
👉 Practical steps to find purpose in your work. Page 69.
NOTE: This book is written by a lawyer, but it is not a substitute for legal advice and it does not include legal advice. Each state has different discrimination laws, and so it is important to talk with a lawyer in your state if you believe you may have a legal claim.