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Career Defense 101:
Is Your Career Safe From Sexism?

Career Defense 101

What we call a toxic or unhealthy work environment is sometimes also sexual harassment.
Understanding how to stop a toxic work environment and work with unhealthy people can protect your career.
81% of women report experiencing sexual harassment.
Almost 50% report experiencing harassment at work.
1 in 4 women says she has left a career because of harassment.
Often, women don't identify sexual harassment until it is too late to make a legal claim or protect their job.
If you might have a toxic work environment, download this free book and learn:
👉 WHEN to listen to gut instinct. Page 39. 
👉 The ONE thing you need to know to feel safe, even when you work in a toxic workplace. Page 43. 
👉 How to set consequences for toxic behavior that protect you and impact your workplace. Page 55. 
👉 What the law considers sexual harassment and how to use the law in your favor. Page 31. 
👉 How to effectively report sexual harassment + BONUS sample reporting email. Page 31. 
👉 The most important mistake women make when encountering harassment. Page 8.
👉 BONUS: Quiz: Is your workplace safe from sexual harassment? Page 25. 
👉 My story of stopping harassment, getting an apology, and seeing my harasser change. Page 16. 
👉 What to do when you’re afraid to post #MeToo. Page 19. 
👉 Know when to call the police and how they can help + BONUS sample cease and desist letter when a restraining order isn’t the right option. Page 27. 
👉 What to do when someone responds badly to your story. Page 36. 
👉 What to do when PTSD or suicidal thinking interfere with your ability to keep working. Page 61. 
👉 Practical steps to find purpose in your work. Page 69.
NOTE: This book is written by a lawyer, but it is not a substitute for legal advice and it does not include legal advice. Each state has different discrimination laws, and so it is important to talk with a lawyer in your state if you believe you may have a legal claim.



Hello! I am Meredith Holley, a lawyer who helps professional women clean up toxic work environments and stop sexual harassment, without quitting, so that they can focus on work they love.


Early in my legal career, I experienced sexual harassment from the owner of the company where I worked. I went to an employment lawyer and asked her for advice, but all she could offer, if I wanted to keep my job, was, "Things are really sexist, and we just have to deal with it." I was not satisfied with that answer, and so I researched and tried everything I could to make the harassment stop. After more than a year of harassment, I found tools that work. My harasser apologized, changed his behavior, and we worked together for years after.


Now I teach my clients how to do the same. 

What People Are Saying about Career Defense 101:

The stories of real life women, the situations they experience, and how Meredith helped them will help you understand you are not alone if you experience harassment or assault in the workplace and - perhaps most importantly - that there are resources available to you. The book aides in demystifying how the law can be used in harassment/assault situations. Lawsuits, cease and desist - just the word the “law” in general - can feel overwhelming and daunting but Meredith breaks down the pros and cons of legal action in layman's terms. Even if you haven’t experienced harassment in the workplace, this is a valuable read for anyone in the workplace. It can guide your supporters and allies - and even your adversaries - in understanding your approach when defending your career from a blow like harassment or assault.

Kira O'Connor, J.D.,

former Head of Partner Outreach EMEA, Public Policy, Twitter

Meredith’s stories are relatable, the strategies are tough assignments and the work is certain to be a game changer for those who wish to beat the odds and improve their lives.


Secondary Survivor

EVERYONE should read Meredith Holley's Career Defense 101: the person experiencing harassment in their place of work, someone who wants to expand their knowledge of what others go through, and those that want to be allies for friends and colleagues going through this difficult thing in their life.  Everyone has something to learn from this book. When reading, it feels like you are sitting down with an old friend for coffee and coming up with a plan for your life.  She brings a difficult topic down to a level that is encouraging and practical. She lets you know it isn't always easy addressing sexual harassment in your own life, but it is possible, and things can be better.

Lucy Durst, Deputy District Attorney

Jackson County Oregon

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