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5 Simple Tips

To Heal Your Unhealthy Relationships

Relationships are one the most important supports we have for creating exactly the lives we want.

But, no matter how much we value healthy relationships, women encounter sexism, rejection, yelling, and violence. We feel demeaned in our personal and professional relationships, and we start to wonder if it is impossible to find healthy, respectful relationships.

Through a 3-part coaching framework, the Freedom Resource Center guides women to reclaiming their freedom and power through healing their relationships. 

Our clients are smart, creative women who are hardworking and capable, but still, they find themselves stuck in confusion and self-doubt because of unhealthy relationships.


We all want to feel in control, powerful, and confident. But, somehow, even if we know we are capable people, unhealthy relationships are able to make us question what is possible for us.

Through personalized coaching, by phone, we are able to guide our clients through a process that transforms their thinking and heals their relationships.


Our clients leave feeling courageous, powerful, and free to create the lives they want.

My name is Meredith Holley, and I started the Freedom Resource Center because I want to see every woman live free from the oppression of unhealthy personal and professional relationships. 

I know how painful unhealthy relationships can be from my own personal experience. I am a trial lawyer, in addition to the personal coaching I do with individual clients. As a young, feminine woman, I have faced discrimination and harassment in both subtle and obvious forms. I have been able to turn those experiences into enormous successes.


In my personal relationships, as well, I have done the hard work to take power over my thinking and find freedom in healing my romantic relationship and friendships.

I know how painful it is to feel stuck and helpless, and I know how amazing it feels to choose power and freedom and to watch other women do the same.

What our clients say:

Amanda A.

Meredith was my first life coach ever, and I really had no idea what to expect. I was scared at first, but Meredith was so easy to talk to and immediately put me at ease. I felt I was in a safe space whenever we talked, which truly allowed me to work through some issues I was facing.

She helped me see where I was getting myself stuck, and I now feel more empowered in this area of my life. Thanks, Meredith!

Erica Smith

Salt Lake City, UT

Coaching with Meredith made me realize how much power I have over my thoughts and feelings, which has translated into tangible changes in my life and visible success. I feel empowered to embark on huge, intimidating goals because I know now that I have the tools to ensure my own success. 

Like Meredith says, we are all the perfect people to solve our own problems, and she's the perfect person to walk me through that difficult process!

Dr. Sarah Hansen

Atlanta, GA

Meredith has given me an invaluable set of tools I will always use to help me reach my goals. 

Justin W.

Chicago, IL

My conversations with Meredith completely transformed my life. She is a true bodhisattva.

Dr. Deb Butler

Master Life Coach

Meredith is a ninja coach.

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